Why should you bolster your immune system???

Your immune system is one of the most remarkable and intricate parts of the human body.  The reason you do not fall sick every day is because of the remarkable job your immune system does. Tens of thousands of disease-causing microorganisms are everywhere in the atmosphere trying to invade your body and cause you to become sick.

Fortunately, your body is designed with an immune system that is there to fight against these microorganisms, i.e. Germs. So the question is, why do we ever get sick with such an amazing system in our body?  Often times, your immune system weakens and fails and cannot fight off the germs that overrun your body. This may be due to a weak communication system between the central nervous system and the immune system. This can be caused due to subluxations in the spine.

Why does the immune system fail?

Here are some of the reasons your immune system may not work properly;

• Subluxations in the spine: This can reduce the communication between your spine and your immune system.

• Autoimmune disorders: This is a where the immune system sees itself as being dangerous and begins attacking itself.

• Immunodeficiency disorder

• Allergic Disorder: This occurs when the immune system gives an irrational response to a specific allergen.

• Diseases like cancer.

Steps towards a healthy and strong immune system:

A perfect immune system requires a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The immune system, along with the other systems of your body, works better when safe from the environmental battering.

Some easy steps you can take towards bolstering your immune system may include trying to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables in your diet or washing your hands more frequently. Some will even suggest you stop smoking or drinking alcohol.  

However, you will find that such techniques are preventative. You can try preventing germs from entering your body. Without an efficient immune system by your side, it will still make you sick. Especially if there are communication problems between your central nervous system and your immune system! You need to ensure that the channel is clear. This is the primary factor for a strong immune system.

Chiropractic treatment helps strengthen your immune system:

Chiropractic treatment is usually thought of as a way to alleviate the pain in the neck and back. Most people are oblivious to the fact that chiropractic visits also boost the immune system. Our nervous system works with the immune system to keep the body functioning properly. The main focus of chiropractic care is the spine, a part of the central nervous system.  A healthy central nervous system is imperative for a strong immune system. Here at Monroe Chiropractic and Massage, we can help improve and boost your immune system so that you are not constantly getting sick and so that when you do become ill, you will recover at a quicker rate.

In chiropractic treatment, professional chiropractors remove any nerve intrusion between the spine and brain so there can be a smooth communication between the brain and other body parts. Once they remove such interference, it results in the proper functioning of the central nervous system and immune system. Furthermore, this treatment increases the number of white blood cells and causes to release the antibodies in your body. Your body can now fight the illness more efficiently and quickly.

Boosting your immune system in a cold and flu season:

The time of the year is here when almost everyone is prone to catching the flu and or a cold. Influenza viruses are everywhere and you’re likely to experience feverish chills, headaches, weakness, and nausea. These viruses are easily transmitted from an infected person to you. You can protect yourself by getting adjusted by a chiropractor. Moreover, you need to remember that the other steps you take will only be effective if your spine is subluxation free and that your immune system can effectively take orders from the nervous system. Once you have been adjusted and are subluxation free, here are a few extra steps you can take:

• Eating healthy.

• Avoiding processed food.

• Taking zinc-enriched food.

• Getting enough sleep.

• Holding on to lavender oil and use it as hand sanitizer.

• Keeping your hands off your face.

• Using tea tree oil to clean the surfaces.

• Staying hydrated.

Jose Zaragoza