Chiropractic - A Natural Solution for Reflux

If you’ve been dealing with heartburn or acid indigestion, then you probably know about reflux.  Acid reflux occurs when your stomach produces to much acid during digestion and the contents move back up the esophagus.  Your body relies on your swallowing function to keep these contents within your stomach. Gravity also does its part in this while you are standing up.  However, when you bend down or lie down, you can often experience reflux. Symptoms include:

Heartburn – This is more accurately known as indigestion, which typically refers to the burning that you feel in your chest.  It occurs between the stomach and the esophagus where the acid climbs in the opposite direction. It is often referred to as heartburn since the pain occurs in the chest.  The title is a complete misnomer though as it does not involve the heart.

Regurgitation – Someone with reflux might have stomach acid come back up the esophagus into the throat or even into the mouth.  In this instance, you experience the bitter acid burn and taste which is the same as you would feel after vomiting.

Dyspepsia – Is simply a term used to describe the general symptom that refers to some stomach discomfort and or indigestion.  It can also include sensations like abdominal pain, the fullness of the stomach, nausea, and burping.

So, what is the link between reflux and chiropractic?

Our nerve system is the main area responsible for peristalsis.  This is a process our body uses to ensure that everything moves through your digestive tract in the proper manner.  It is imperative that you have the nerve system functioning optimally so that your digestive tract will be able to function properly.  When it is not, your body can experience reflux. It is important to note that most medical doctors prescribe antacids for this condition.  Your body is designed in such a manner as to produce acid to break down all things ingested. So even though antacids temporarily relieve the discomfort, they actually exacerbate the problem and do not address the cause.

A small misalignment of the bones in your neck can place pressure on your brain stem, which affects its control of functions like peristalsis.  This also can cause many other issues and problems, but acid reflux is one of the more common problems.

This is where chiropractic shows its immense value.  With the right spinal adjustments, you will be able to properly maintain or even improve your regular peristaltic movements, providing relief from the discomforts of reflux.  Spinal chiropractic involves:

Focus – Adjusting the bones in your neck that are misaligned to relieve the pressure that is causing the problem.

Precision – Imaging techniques assist in locating misalignment's so that your doctor can find the cause and a solution for your problems.

Low Force – Chiropractic doctors make gentle adjustments using either their hands or a specialized adjusting tool.  These simple painless adjustments are ideal for people of any age, even children who have colic or acid reflux.  The adjustments are also long-lasting allowing your body the time it needs to heal and relearn proper function.

If you have issues with recurrent episodes of reflux, visit your doctor of Chiropractic medicine today to get long lasting relief without having to take needless medications that only deal with the symptoms and not the root cause.  Spinal chiropractic care is the ideal natural way to get lasting relief for many of life's common problems, so make sure to consult your chiropractor today!

Jose Zaragoza