Chiropractic as a Natural Remedy to Alleviate Car Accident Injuries

Are you a victim of the trauma and consequence of car accidents? The after affects you experience are overwhelmingly profound as they influence physical, emotional and mental health.  Treating automobile accidents can seem a daunting task, yet this is an event, unfortunately, we should all be prepared to face. Without taking the proper action prior to an unpleasant event such as this, you may fall victim to chronic conditions that may leave you debilitated for years.

You may be familiar with Whiplash i.e. one of the negative outcomes of rear-end accidents and affects nearly 2 million Americans yearly. It is a result of a sudden jolting movement that destabilizes the spine and can cause severe headaches, pain, blurred vision, dizziness, reduces the range of motion, neck stiffness, etc. Often your spinal cord will be susceptible to the most damage. This is highly detrimental for your overall well being as the spinal cord delivers messages from the brain to ALL of the organs.

● How can a chiropractor help?

Monroe Chiropractic and Massage located in Monroe Washington takes great pride in providing a healthy, pain-free lifestyle by effectively treating any automobile related injuries in the most natural and organic way possible. Their motto is to help create a healthier community one spine at a time. Dr.Lance Eblen, their leading practitioner has been diligently providing patients a route to a healthier lifestyle for over 35 years. With over 10,000 successfully treated patients and paramount experience, they’ve built a credible practice from which you can greatly benefit.

They specialize in Chiropractic Care and Dr. Eblen even provides advice of adjunctive therapies for an in-depth and speed recovery. They incorporate a holistic, drug-free and non-invasive strategy for numerous conditions pertaining to the spine and immediate articulation, which means you have absolutely nothing to worry about. The best part, no dangerous surgical procedures are involved. It follows the theory of ultimate truism I.e. the body is a self-healing organism.

Primarily Chiropractors treat neck, back, and soft tissue pain and injuries as an alternative to surgery and drugs. They are highly useful because of the following:

1.  Massage therapy: Here at Monroe Chiropractic we pay attention in working with muscles, allowing you to slip into a blissful relaxation. Say goodbye to chronic tension and tightness.

2.  It’s a non-invasive technique: When it comes to immediate medical attention, chiropractors are the best option. They re-align your spine and joints to reduce the pain you experience significantly whilst promoting natural, non-chemical induced healing.

3.  Drug-Free Pain Relief: Although medical treatments may seem to be a smart decision, they’re only a short-term solution that masks, but not heal the actual injury. Moreover, these tend to be highly addictive and inadvertently leads to withdrawal symptoms. Monroe Chiropractic offer a drug-free answer whilst targeting the source of the discomfort. They eliminate the actual pain rather than putting a temporary Band-Aid over it.

4.  Subtle Injuries: Injuries like broken ribs and lacerations are easily identifiable, however, whiplash and spinal cord damage are hard to detect.  Chiropractors conduct X-Rays and thorough examinations to generate the most accurate diagnosis.

5.  Scar Tissue Reduction: Scar tissues developing within muscles or on the body after an accident can be frustrating. Scar begins to form within 72 hours after the injury and can result in permanent damage and eventual osteoarthritis. Monroe Chiropractic specifically locate and accelerate the breakup of scar tissue for faster and better results.

6.  Inflammation Reduction: Micro-tears in muscles and ligaments are common car accident injuries that are overlooked by X-Rays. Here at Monroe Chiropractic we’ll utilize spinal manipulations to realign the spinal cord, assisting in the release of anti-inflammatory chemicals that reduce misery and inflammation tremendously.

7.   Overall Pain Eradication: During Spinal Manipulations, Pain reducing hormones are released that dampen any agony you may experience. 

8.  Restore Range of Motion: Chiropractic adjustment mobilizes your spine and restores your range of motion for a speedy recovery.

9. Cold Laser Therapy: Cold laser therapy is a low-intensity laser therapy that stimulates healing while using low levels of light. It is mostly used for pain and inflammation that help with injuries such as whiplash.

Here at Monroe Chiropractic and Massage we have the training and experience necessary to provide the most effective Chiropractic Treatment to promote natural, long-term and productive healing. We will even recommend massages, foam rollers techniques, nutritional guidance, offer back exercises and strengthening classes, cold laser therapy, counseling, and provide training to assist in the improvement process. Any disc damage, spasms, muscle anomalies, etc. can be dealt with professional help to put you on the road to recovery.  Call us to schedule your FREE consultation!

Jose Zaragoza