How To Properly Do Yard Work


Our yards are our pride and joy, it’s tangible proof to showcase our efforts, and yet sometimes the dedication poured into this work results in unforeseen injuries. There’s a chance that you will come across a strenuous effect of outdoor tasks which are usually brought on by doing activities that aggravate or flare up the back. These activities include mowing the yard, raking the grass, using poor body mechanics in everyday movements, lifting objects like fertilizers, pulling objects like weed plants etc. Most of these chores will heavily engage the lower back and core musculature.

Straining to lift push or pull indicates too much load and poor mechanics. Bend your knees more and don't twist repetitively or with a load in your arms. If you become susceptible to improper spinal motion or undergo extreme strain your nerves will become irritated, creating muscle spasms and land you in discomfort or pain. This nerve interference is referred to as subluxation. All parts of your body are controlled by nerves, so other tissues and organs may be affected, including your internal organs, limbs and blood vessels, that will not function at optimum capacity due to subluxation.

Here Are Some Tips While Doing Yard Work:

  • Bend knees slightly and switch directions. Push or pull tool one direction 6 times then switch and go left six times and repeat.

  • Supportive shoes promote good foot and arch to possibly prevent back strain.

  •   Adopt the “scissors pose” I.e. right foot forward and left foot back. Maintain this position for a few minutes and then reverse the stance.

  • Drink lots of water before and after working to lubricator joints and keep muscles hydrated.

  • Bend at your knees, not at your waist if you’re picking up yard equipment, pulling grass or piling leaves. Make sure to keep your piles small to lessen the chances of burdening your back.

How Can Chiropractic care help?

Chiropractic treatment is a proven treatment for pain relief. Approximately 22 million Americans consult with chiropractors yearly, 7.7 million (35%) of these seek remedies for back pain. Spinal adjustments and Chiropractic care is proven to be most effective for low back pain. Chiropractic Adjustments restore the mechanics and reduce nerve stress. They are used to restore maximum mobility to joints restricted by tissue injury.

Chiropractors practice an extremely safe, drug-free strategy regarding patient health care. This includes patient examination, diagnosis, and treatment. They possess extensive diagnostic skills and are popular for their expertise in the use of spinal adjustments, so you’ll be in good hands. In addition, they’re authorized to recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercises, and even provide nutritional outlines, dietary guidelines and lifestyle counseling.

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Jose Zaragoza