Why You Should Trust Chiropractors

Chiropractic works best when the recommendations are followed through. It is a experience determination of how much care someone needs. Not enough is worse that too much. I try to determine the best plan by looking at 3 primary factors. How much injury occurred if that happened, how long the condition has been going on and what is the person's general health at that time. When I look at all three of these and along with the exam findings I come up with the best plan of care I can. Am I always spot on? No. No one can have a perfect plan every time.But I do have to say I'm pretty close most of the time. Some people criticize chiropractors for the number of visits or the time it takes to get the results they want. But patients that follow through get better or completely get over their problem if they stick with it and allow time and correction to correct the problem. So the message is trust the authority, give it time and follow through with the plan. I have seen amazing things happen when these are followed. Be a patient patient and you'll get better.

Jose Zaragoza