What Drugs Are Doing To Us...

Overdose drug deaths and the state of health care in the US. One man's angry opinion.

In 2017 there were over 70,000 overdose deaths reported by the CDC.Reading articles posted about the crisis show no mention of alternative care options other than more drugs of a different kind. That's like telling your child he can have no more cake but a cookie or two is fine. How did we get here? Firstly the medical professionals by and large in this country turn a blind eye towards any type of care that isn't taught in their college or internship. Even worse, their recommendations for new drugs comes form the drug salesperson themselves. And if they do suggest to patients that they should seek care from a alternative provider they become a charlatan by their peers. 

For most of our lives we have been taught that hiding symptoms with some form of medication is preferred over looking at the cause and finding a way to treat and prevent the condition using our own body's inherent recuperative ability. Have a fever, take Tylenol, headache? Ibuprofen or Advil or Excedrin, tummy ache? Tums or Pepto BismoI. All designed to supress the body's natural response to correct the problem. I Personally recall that many people I grew up with were encouraged to take a drug or have surgery over other options. No mention of preventative care was offered in any school setting until I began Chiropractic College. Actually just the opposite was recommended, to avoid practitioners that didn't prescribe drugs. I once saw an MD for a sports physical and answered a question about a back condition as seeing a chiropractor for it. The MD refused to pass me based on the grounds that I had care from an alternative type of doctor. Fortunately my parents knew that taking medication was not necessarily the answer to feeling better or preforming at a higher level. But where is the message to the younger generations now? We are in a crisis of an epidemic of overdoses and chronic conditions. Do parents, schools or medical professionals suggest alternative care as the first line of defense. Rarely. This likely won't occur unless they themselves know the benefits. When is the education going to start? We already have the worst obesity rate in the world. Not to mention the highest rate of many chronic conditions. Along with that the highest rate of diabetes and heart disease not to mention other chronic preventable disorders. Is anyone taking this seriously? Certainly not enough. Even our National Associations in the Chiropractic field aren't stepping up. The problem is the drug companies and medical societies thrive on a sick society. If this weren't true hospitals and clinics would have half of their facilities working as education centers showing people a better way to live. TV commercials practically make patients for the newest drugs. "You could have this condition! Better ask your doctor about our new 'cure'!" "Oh and by the way, we have to tell you that this may actually make you worse or kill you. But don't worry we have a new drug for that coming soon!" The expense of TV ads are a primary expense that drives up the exorbitant prices of drugs.

Good grief, this is totally messed up. Whether you are in a profession such as mine or in a completely different line of work (or from a different planet) this has to sicken you.(no pun intended) It seems this is in line with everything else, profit over person. In my profession we are chastised for giving care that is not "mainstream" by most of the medical community and the majority of the public. Do you see people under chiropractic care dropping like flies like we see from drug overdoses or infections from surgical procedures? Of course not. But consider this. More people die of medical mistakes in the US than if three 747s crashing every 2 days.  National surveys show Chiropractic patients are the most satisfied patients in all of health care. That has to matter to those who are uneducated about Chiropractic. The trouble is too many people still honor the degree of MD as the holy grail of health care. Certainly they can be good at crisis care, but suggest reducing the crisis with natural preventative type care and then everyone preaching prevention is a quack. Luckily some information is out in the public eye that squelches a lot of the bias that has been touted as truth over the years. Thank goodness a few of my colleagues took on the Medical Society and won the largest anti-trust lawsuit (Wilt et al vs AMA) ever awarded that forced the AMA and other medical groups to stop the propaganda against Chiropractic that was simply based on unfounded lies about chiropractic that was designed to prevent people from visiting our offices. Yet still the medical community comes across to the public like some sort of superhero of health care when in reality the US ranks 37th in quality in the world by the World Health Organization. Nothing to brag about. Also we out rank all countries in health care costs to the patient. The primary reason for that is that insurance companies pay less but charge their customers more for care each year so hospitals and physicians have to charge more to stay in business. The public gets caught in the middle. Where's our lawmakers in capping or getting some guts and reducing those costs? I'll tell you where, in some lobbyist townhouse in the Caribbean. 

My answer is we have to stand up in front of the young people in this country and shout that there is a better way to reduce pain and prevent health crisis other than drugs. Strong messages about proper natural health care, good nutrition, exercise programs and the like with each school grade. But not just in schools but also at home.

Until we take the attitude reminiscent of Peter Finch in the movie Network where he tells his audience "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!" nothing will change and we will continue into the pit of death and disease until no more real health can be attained because we are all too broke to pay for any of it.

I hope someone reads this and changes their attitude and spreads the word about the advantages of natural health care and the dangers of drugs. Especially to the youth in this world.

Jose Zaragoza