Why Is Good Posture Important?


    Your overall physical health and wellbeing are achieved through enjoying nutritious meals, engaging in a regular exercise routine, getting proper amounts of sleep, stretching and GOOD POSTURE.  To help the body function optimally physically and mentally, you need to include ALL of these aspects into your daily life. Whenever we stand, sit, or lie down, our body needs to move in a way that the muscles and ligaments are  “comfortable” and therefore less prone to damage, wear and tear. Below are a few of the many health reasons why we all NEED to practice good posture.


Reason #1 – To relieve any tension build-up

Did you know that poor posture while standing, sitting, lying or lifting heavy objects creates tension on our muscles and ligaments?  When this happens, your muscles “overcompensate” trying to hold your frame together. This often causes a myriad of different body aches and pains  like neck aches, back aches and pains and tension in your shoulders. These “spasms” are many times caused by failing to observe proper posture. Proper posture has a huge impact on our muscles, ligaments and skeletal structure because it lessens the amount of tension, wear and tear.


Reason #2 – So you feel more energized

Have you ever noticed that whenever you succumb to a slouching or slumping position, that your energy levels diminish?  Slouching is a major cause of feeling less energetic because this position increases the tension on your body. Most particularly on the skeletal structure and the digestive and respiratory systems. When you are slouching or slumping over, you often have increased labor in breathing.  You can also feel weak and lethargic, decreasing your desire to do anything. Thus our posture affects our breathing and energy levels in a way that impact our normal function on a daily basis.


Reason #3 – To promote flexibility

Proper posture helps bring correct alignment from head to toe.  So, if the body is fully supported the muscles and ligaments are free from tension, promoting better blood flow and more flexibility from one movement to another.  When a body moves in the way that it should, your movements become far more effortless.


Reason #4 – To prevent stress and anxiety

Poor posture frequently creates tension in the muscles and joints.  When a person continually has poor posture while standing, sitting or lying down, it causes strain on the muscles and joints which more often than not, leads to a feeling of stress and or anxiety.  Your overall mental health is greatly affected by this increase in your stress level. However, if you focus on correcting your poor posture and practice a medically recommended posture as you stand, sit or lie down, you will feel more relaxed and in an improved emotional state.


Reason #5 – Clear negative thoughts

Both the body and mind work in harmony.  If the body is in pain, it sends signals to the brain causing you think and feel the same way.  That is why it is important for the body and mind to be in balance, allowing your entire system to work in complete coordination.  When your body is in a relaxed state, not feeling any tension in your muscles or joints, it allows your mind to also be in a relaxed state.  This increases your overall wellbeing in a positive physical and mental way.


Reason #6 – Better Concentration

When an individual practices good posture, he or she thinks more clearly.  Because of this, that person can stay focused for longer periods of time while working, allowing for greater productivity with fewer errors.  Your posture “IS IMPORTANT”! It greatly affects your overall physical and mental wellbeing. If you would like more information on the physical and mental health benefits of improving your posture, talk to your chiropractic care professional and bring better health and positivity to your life!

Jose Zaragoza