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When your looking for health care the most important thing to consider is who is giving the care and what does their experience offer. Dr. Eblen has been successfully helping people regain their well being and return to an active normal life for 37+ years. He also gives advise on adjunctive therapies that can help in a faster and more comprehensive recovery. If this is an important aspect or your care then Monroe Chiropractic and Massage is the right place for you.


Dr. Eblen and his family

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Meet our Team

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Dr. Lance Eblen

Dr. Eblen has over 30 years experience treating chronic and acute injuries alike. Focusing primarily on the spine and immediate articulations. His chiropractic adjusting skills can reduce and many times eliminate nerve pressure that develops from either injuries or chronic stress. Many years of study at Palmer College of Chiropractic provided the knowledge and skill to give all who come to the office the highest quality of care available. His 30 plus years of experienced has honed those skills to a premium level for all ages and conditions. He has a strong belief in the bodies natural ability to recover and function at a higher level once the nerve interference is reduced or eliminated from the spine. Dr. Eblen and his wife Vicky moved to Kirkland in the mid 80's from Montana and reside in Woodinville with their 2 children.

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Sam Un

Sam Un is a highly skilled licensed Massage Therapist who works for Monroe Chiropractic and Massage. He has been practicing here for 6+ years. Sam is known for his skill and knowledge of the human frame and how working with the muscles and soft tissue that support the skeleton. Sam is a provider for many insurance companies and his care is covered in the cases of On the Job injuries and auto accidents or other personal injuries cases. Sam offers a free introductory chair massage to all new patients.

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Heidi Gallagher

Heidi is the office manager. She has worked in the field for 6 years. She got into chiropractic when she graduated from Medical Assisting School and was eager to put her new degree to use. She took care of clients in their homes for about 5 years and liked the aspect of really getting to know people on a personal level. This made it really important for her to get a job that allowed her to put two passions together. People and making them better! She is excited to be part of Monroe Chiropractic and Massage family. She stated, "Dr. Eblen truly cares about his patients and is very passionate about his work."