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When you are suffering from an injury or just chronic stress and strain you need to have your spine evaluated. All your nerves from your brain are housed and distributed through the spine. Many problems can arise if there is any pressure on the nerves that exit from the spinal cord through the small canals in the spine. Chiropractic and Massage help alleviate those interference’s. 


Massage Therapy

Working with the muscle and supporting tissue of the body allows for relaxation, blood flow and aids the lymph system in detoxifying unwanted residue from overuse and spasm. Sam is an expert at finding and relieving both acute and chronic tension and tightness from muscles to not only relieve pain but to aid in healing of injured soft tissue. Stress is also relieved and patients move and rest easier with massage.


You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide:

Experience and compassion are your primary benefits of your care here.We truly believe you can be healthier with Chiropractic and Massage care. Let us prove it!

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First Visit?


Time Of Service Fee

For your first appointment we will charge a fee of $79 which will include an examination, consultation, x-rays and your first adjustment. 

* Unless otherwise prohibited by your insurance.


New Patient Massage

For a new patient, we offer a reduced price for your first massage of $35. Book yours today! 

* Unless otherwise prohibited by your insurance.