Orthotics Monroe


A custom orthotic is a device designed to align the foot and ankle into most anatomically efficient position. At Orthotics Monroe, experts work on your feet much like glasses work on your eyes. The major function is to reduce stress and strain on your body by bringing back your feet into proper alignment. To understand the functionality of orthotics, it is essential to understand the mechanics of walking. With each step, the vertical axis of the heel ideally should land slightly inserted into the ground with an inclination of only a few degrees towards the outside of the heel. A properly designed orthotic control how the foot strikes the ground absorbs shock and reduces stress in the foot. This coordinated motion is a series of complex steps in which many things can go wrong. If the problem still persists, the foot can collapse under the body's weight. Stress on the feet can result in deformities. Running exerts a much greater force on the feet than walking and can lead to more severe injuries, such as sprained ankles, shin splints, and fractures.

How does Orthotics Treatment Monroe really work to relieve pain?

Amping up the feedback

•    Imagine walking barefoot through a field of grass when the arch of your foot comes in contact with a smooth rock on the ground.As this is a sensitive area, the immediate response of foot is to activate the muscles in your foot and lower leg to avoid any extra pressure on your arch.


•    Posting is related to the various ways that orthotics changes the angle of the heel and forefoot portion of the orthotic. The inner side of the orthotic is made thicker, to prevent the foot from pronating.


•It explains all of the things that we can add or take away from an orthotic to address a patient's specific problem.